Save Your Wet Cell Phone!

Electro Medic fixes your wet cell phone in under 30 minutes! Electro Medic is a revolutionary product that restores cell phones to working condition after they have fallen into water, sodas, sea water, toilets, and pool water. Electro Medic a new device and is based on chemistry used to protect aircraft materials and industrial devices from corrosion. Electro Medic is a device that contains a small amount of a high performance fluid that displaces moisture from any surface, stops the corrosion process immediately, and helps to protect from future accidents. Save your cell phone now with Electro Medic!

Does it Work?

We absolutely assure you that using ElectroMedic on your device will be more effective in bringing it back to life than any other treatment currently sold. This includes using rice, silica gel, or other drying agents! It's not only much faster (20 minutes vs. 72 hours), - it's better! No other treatment method stops the corrosion process and protects the interior components from further attack. Use ElectroMedic as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage is done to your phone.

General Use Video:

Where can I find it?

Kennesaw State University Bookstore

Carmichael Student Center
1000 Chastain Rd.
Building #6
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Copy Central in Conyers
1264 Parker Rd SE, 
Conyers, GA 30094

How to Use:

Do not try to power the device on
1) DON'T PANIC! DO NOT try to turn your phone on!
2) Extinguish all cigarettes, flames and ignition sources of any kind. The Electro Medic solution is flammable.
3) Using a pair of scissors, open the kit and remove all the contents. Be careful to not damage the Zip Seal.
4) Remove any protective covering from your phone, its SIM card and the battery if possible.
5) If your phone was dropped into any other liquid than normal water, rinse it thoroughly with tap water if available. If no is water available, continue to next step
6) Using a provided towel, dry the outside, the battery and the other components.
7) Firmly grasp the phone and vigorously shake the excess water from the phone.
8) Open the bottle and pour the entire contents into the pouch, then insert the device, seal the pouch, and gently move the liquid in the pouch. Flip over the pouch and repeat. Lay the pouch on a flat surface and allow it to sit undisturbed for 4 minutes.
9) Remove your device and dry its exterior with the second provided towel. With this towel wrapped firmly around the device, shake the phone a few times then allow the device to air dry for about 15 minutes.
10) Turn your device back on. The screen may appear hazy. This should completely clear within a couple of days.
11) The kit should not be reused as the fluid will contain an unknown amount of water which could damage the next device treated. Place the used towels into the pouch to absorb any free flowing liquid and reseal the pouch. Wash your hands, clean up the area and dispose of the kit in trash.

Fixed my phone from a cola spill!
It was easy and fast to use. My phone was on after just a short while.
Electro Medic fixed my iPhone to working condition in under 30 minutes.
From our Customers!
*As the individual method of use will vary from person to person, and personal electronic devices vary in their complexity, solvent sensitivity and ease of fluid penetration, there is no way to guarantee that using Electro Medic will work 100% in every instance, but if it is used quickly and properly, it will outperform all other recovery techniques.

*After treatment and restoration a dark or mottled screen is normal. The phone, including touch screen, is fully functional. Residual treatment solution will continue to evaporate over the next few days and the screen will return to a brighter appearance. A few spots or wavy lines may remain for additional time but will not interfere with the function of the phone.